Kris Willis got started with a simple point-and-shoot camera while attending Florida State University. Following a move to Japan to further his language studies and teach English under the JET Programme, he realized a need for a more powerful means of showing others back home the beauty of what his surroundings and life.

Having been heavily influenced by his time and travels abroad, Kris' background in Nature & Landscapes to influence his focus in Wedding and Fashion photography.  Living in Atlanta and having frequent opportunities to travel has had a profound affect on Kris’ perspective, and he loves to share this with those he gets the chance to work with.

Kris is located in Atlanta, Georgia but ready to travel  // Passport Current

"...further up, and further in"

Hello, I’m Kris! I’m a wedding, fashion, and lifestyle photographer. I love capturing the honest moments and telling great stories with my photos and would love to tell yours!

I’m a laid back guy with a curious mind and a love for the driest of humor. I love encouraging people to pursue what drives them, and that moment when everyone forgets there’s a camera in-between us and the magic happens!


All photos on this site were taken by Kristopher Willis and those under the Kris Kimera name.